Shasta County Scottish Highland Games, Gathering and Festival

Home of the Shasta Heavies
POSTPONED UNTIL 5/12 to 5/14 2017


2017 marks the beginning of a new era. It will be the first time that the Scottish Highland Games will be played in Shasta County. There have been Rennaisance Faires and other kinds of festivals, but the true Highland Games have never been played here in the North State. This area of northen California is where the Highlands begin. From Redding, in any of three directions you go up. that's all there is to it. We live in the Highlands we should have the Highland games here.

This is going to be a great event that will not only provide everyone with a great time, but you will also learn a lot of History. Experience traditions of the Scottish Highlands! Three days of Celtic music and dance, heavy athletics, history, genealogy, Clans and cuisine at the Shasta County Fairgrounds. Saturday night Ceilidh. Details and discount tickets online at tickets.

The Shasta County Scottish Highland Games and Festival will be the first of it's kind in this area. This will be our first festival and we want to be known as "the friendly games," with a family atmosphere where everyone is welcome. We hope to draw drum majors, musicians, dancers and athletes from around the world, including well-known competitors and performers from Scotland and Ireland. The Shasta Games will be open to all who regularly compete in heavy athletic events (the caber toss, hammer throw, etc.). British food, Celtic art and merchandise, sheepdog trials, and other animals typical of the Scottish Highlands will hopefully round out the variety of fun. 

Shasta County Fairgrounds is at 1890 Briggs Street, Anderson, California (96007) — just a 15-minute drive west of the Redding Airport.   

Please reserve the weekend of May 12 to 14, 2017 to join us for one of the best and most fun festivals in California!

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